Low-key blogger in attempting to write about self alert:

I’ve been blogging for years and this is the parent side of it. I like to put myself into various compartments and blog about it when I feel like it. This is a personal record of our lives. I get bombarded with offers for guest features which I’m putting down to it not being clear on here. So – 


I might occasionally do reviews though, so don’t let the above sentence put you off approaching me. More often than not they’re better suited to Mum Friendly.

The Adequate Parent is a combination of three blogs. I started writing about my journey into parenthood back in 2007, over on LiveJournal. Those posts live here. Once H was born I started a Blogger blog, though we stopped naming her online (from hereon she is known as H) thus The Adequate Parent was born. She will remain nameless until she is old enough to make a decision whether to be named online or not. I am not the person to make that decision.

I have my main website Mum Friendly which has a lot of features and reviews. I have another site Sweetfoolthemouth which covers more of my musical things plus some gig photography (most of which isn’t great, but there are lots of great old pictures if that makes sense) and some old interviews I did with musicians.

I work five days a week in the music business which leaves weekends to do fun stuff with H and my husband Shaun.

In no particular order, to sum us up we’re long-standing National Trust members, and new born English Heritage ones, we support Tottenham and York City (and H plays for Carshalton Athletic girls), The Sound of Music is my favourite film (and now H’s – she loves Annie too), and if I was to pick one band as my favourite it would probably be New Order. Through the blog(s) I’ve worked with Cross Pens, Weight Watchers, Porridge on Tuesday, Parragon Books and Harper Collins Kids. We love Lego, Miffy, Topsy & Tim, PlayDoh, KerPlunk, Pop Up Pirate, Hama Beads, Hobbycraft, Tiger Stores, Uniqlo, H&M, Poundland, chocolate, Pizza, I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years and I’m a little obsessed with stationery.

I have an amazing knack of being able to wash tissues in every single wash I do, even when I check every single pocket and sleeve.

I have a Marmite Archive which I am kind of proud of. I believe other people have them too, so I’m not the only person in the world. Shaun is Australian and wishes he could have a Vegemite Archive but the reality is that it would only be one pot.

I co-organise a local knitting group in Carshalton – Hooky Knitters – and we meet in The Sun on a monthly basis which is nice.

Music wise, I saw my first gig in 1983 (Duran Duran) and have owned records since the mid-seventies (the Mickey Mouse Disco Album), though at least when I started buying records my tastes improved (Tottenham’s FA Cup Final Squad 1981), before I discovered John Peel’s festive fifty in 1986 and never looked back. Somehow the indie world let me in (possibly due to my fanzine) and I’m still here now over twenty years on. I fully intend to pass on all my indie knowledge to my first-born once she stops talking about Harry Styles and Frozen.

On a more personal note, I have had tinnitus for over ten years which means I’m a bit hard of hearing at times, I had diabetes when I was pregnant and have just right cholesterol which could get worse, and I’m probably the most paranoid person I know.

I will not take paid work for this site, this is a personal blog with occasional reviews. I get a lot of queries, so just making it as clear as I can. See if Mum Friendly fits what you’re looking for.

If you want to contact me, then me@adequateparent.co.uk is where I’ll be.

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