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I have a great plan from the List of Stuff which I think is do-able.

I finish work for the year around the 17th December, and H finishes on the 19th. This leaves the following week pretty free – I checked online and there are reasonably priced tickets available for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!

Seeing as we’re not going to a pantomime this year we may as well make it special for H and do something. This is perfect – and I think she’ll love it. I wanted to see it, and had to turn down a ticket for the West End Premiere a few months ago which was annoying.

This also leaves open the chance of getting a cheap day return to York in January and taking H to the York Pantomime, something she absolutely HAS to experience. It has been several years since I’ve been, and I’m letting the home side down.

We’ve bought our tickets for Wembley to watch England Ladies play Germany in November, so that’s Wembley ticked off – I’m pleased with that one!

So that’s three down, however many others left to go….

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List Of Stuff

So working on the assumption that we’ll be emigrating in the next five years (I suspect it will be sooner), I need to do a list of things we need to do before we leave Europe. This is important stuff here, nothing too frivolous.

1. Go to Utrecht to the Dick Bruna Museum (visiting Amsterdam too and staying with friends nearby – looks good for 2015)

2. Take H to Brussels

3. Go to Paris (so we can use our Guy Fox Paris map that we recently backed on Kickstarter) and go to the amazing salad place – if it’s still there – in Montmartre.

4. Take H to a gig (child-appropriate)

5. Go to Camp Bestival next year

6. H needs to learn all of ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana as that is the rule if she owns a band t-shirt

7. Take H to Salzburg to do all the Sound of Music stuff there. Cultured, I know. I’ve done it and loved it, and I know she will.

8. Take H to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to watch a play

9. Take H to a West End musical

10. Go to Berlin again

11. Take the Eurostar.

12. Get a Merlin pass next year in the sale and get our money’s worth. (and go to Chessington for the first time)

13. Go to Wembley

14. Take H to the York Panto with Berwick Kaler


That’s a good list for starters, and all are do-able, not too tricky. This is our List Of Stuff.