She has had some nights sleeping through, but due to a blocked nose, it aint happening right now.

So, after my last breakdown of a day, thought I’d do another, as a routine of sorts is starting to form. Of course, now I’ve posted this it’ll never happen. Let’s start with midnight last night, and then when we meet this time I’ll just make it a typical day.

Midnight – asleep. All of us
1.15am, H wakes up, wails. Gets fed for 10 minutes, falls asleep again.
1.30am, back to bed again
3.15am, H wakes up, wails louder. Gets fed for another 10 minutes, falls asleep again.
3.30am, back to bed again, feeling like a zombie.
5am – H wakes up, Shaun takes this one, she wails for 10 minutes, I get up. Change her nappy and feed her for 10 minutes, she falls asleep, I forget the words to all the nursery rhymes.
5.30am, back to sleep.
7.01am, wake up, tell Shaun it’s 7.01 and he needs to get up for work.
7.15am, he gets up and cuddles H, as she’s crying again. I sleep. She goes back to sleep.
8.15am, he leaves for work.
8.30am, H wakes up. Nappy change time already.
9am, somehow we’re downstairs, feeding, washing on the go, I’m checking Freecycle to see whether the woman who said she’d take the futon has replied (she hasn’t) and just wanting some space in the house and sharpish. H should nap now, but it takes 30 minutes before that happens.
9.30am, naptime. Lasts 15 minutes.
10am, H goes in the jumperoo. She jumps a lot and giggles. THis is good. I can have breakfast now and a coffee.
10.30am, still in the jumperoo.
11am, start to think about what to do for the day.
12pm, walk time, and naptime, for H. I have to stay awake. Nappy change before nap.
1pm, back home, and hopefully H is still napping.
2pm, if we’re really lucky, the nap could still be going on, although this is rare now. If she’s awake it’s rolling all over the floor time for her, which is no longer contained to a small area and is just all over the floor now. No signs of crawling yet though. A feed will have happened around now, too.
3pm, My brain is a load of mush around now. I realise I haven’t eaten any lunch yet (unless she napped for a long time, or I bought a cheese straw while we were out on the walk), so probably make some toast and a horrible Nescafe instant coffee drink that’s meant to be a mocha. (but they’re good and convenient and quick. Stuff the principles right now. I need food and drink)
4pm. Nappy time. Start counting down to Shaun getting home, as the next change time is his, allll his. Unless a poopy nappy happens before then.
4.30pm. Poopy nappy.
5pm, Dance around the front room to Bananarama with H. She’s also a bit partial to some China Crisis. Naptime, too. Probably around 30 minutes, after all, dancing is tiring.
6pm, Shaun will be home soon.
6.01pm, H will probably do an overtired scream around now, which makes me feel like I’m a bad mum and haven’t kept her entertained enough through the day, and have missed her sleepy signals.
7pm, we sit down for dinner! H gets all the veg we get (not mushed, we’re doing baby led weaning), and happily sits throwing them all in her mouth, at the same time. We try not to sit staring at her laughing at her, but it’s impossible not to. Whoops. Possible baby complex alert?
7.30pm, food finishes with some yoghurt being put on a spoon and given to H to feed herself, which she does accurately most of the time, the rest is all over her nose and face. Which is also funny. Except we’re not meant to stare. Shaun takes her upstairs for her bath and to get ready for bed, I make her bottle up (she has one bottle of reflux-friendly formula a day with some infant gaviscon).
8pm, fed, and sleepy, she’s put to bed.
9pm, usually wakes up, pukes, has a little feed, sleeps.
10.30pm, me to bed.
11pm, me to sleep.
1am, start all over again….

So at least I’m not losing hours in the day any more….