My child should be an actress.

We have the Very Wobbly Tooth at the moment, with an imminent removal from its current premises (i.e. the space next to the tooth which is forcefully pushing it out).

She has taken to tricking me. I’ll ask her every day “how is the tooth?” and she’ll do the slightly bored “still there, still wobbly” line.

That is until tonight. Mid-way through our evening meal she stopped, gasped, and stuck her tongue in the space where it lives.

“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR TOOTH!” I exclaimed excitedly.

“tricked yaaaaa!” she replied, while almost falling off her chair with laughter. This wouldn’t be so bad but she got me another couple of times with exactly the same thing. Little monkey. The tooth remains in place, as the new addition pushes it out that little bit more. Tomorrow, maybe…