Alex and J popped in to pick up some bits I’d bought for them while I was out. J and H were crawling everywhere. Everything was no longer out of bounds. It was quite scary. In a kind of… “a year ago they weren’t born” way (Alex said that). They’ve grown so quickly, and we’re almost 11 months in now… crikey.

Better start planning ahead for those first birthdays…. they’ll be here before we know it.

We’re moving house this week. Shaun’s off from work. H ate so much last night she slept right through until 5.30am, which is great, but yet I feel so much more tired. We all curled up on the bed and slept until 8am, a rare treat for us. Now I feel like I’m actually still in my dream. Nope, this is my blurry hazy reality right now. It’s getting better.