was major progress – when we got home from a trip on the train to Epsom, we asked her lots of questions about what we did – and she was able to answer. First time!

She also now knows a train goes “choo choo”, which is good!!

She’s taken to singing the ‘Gigglebiz’ theme – which kind of ends up more “na na na na na la la la ba” but she knows we know what she’s singing.

Nursery isn’t going so well, she’s unsettled again, and calls out for us both through the day. It must be hard having a month of just mummy and daddy, and then days without us, and I feel rotten again – but we need to work.

She’s also getting a bit angry with things – throwing her wooden blocks around the room, and throwing her food off the chair (usually when she’s tired), hopefully it’s a phase, but I’ve started sounding a bit angrier with her in the hope she wont mimic something else I’m doing.. or laugh in my face!