And so it starts, H is now a Year 2 student. Reception to Y2

Which has led to a different kind of H. She’s a free reader at school which means she brings home Horrid Henry books to read (try getting her to do anything when she’s engrossed in one of those books), rather than fluffy princess story books. I kind of like that, and find Horrid Henry as harmless as Peppa Pig.

She’s grumpy though – going back to school has brought back her grumpy persona. Today she didn’t enjoy school as “I had to write” – and yesterday it was because “we had to work” – and it’s not going to get any easier for her! When I look at the little girl on the left against the little girl on the right she has grown a lot in these last two years – and now she’s in her last year of Infant School.

I’d heard that around the age of six or seven your child starts to disown you a bit. Well it’s happening since she started school again. The paranoid me says all her friends are saying what an embarrassing mum she has, and she now agrees. The lesser paranoid me says I’m just embarrassing and she’s worked it out for herself. The rational me says it’s hopefully just a phase and it’ll disappear soon enough.

Getting her out of school is a challenge too. In reception we went into the classes to pick up the children, in Year 1 we queued outside, and in Year 2, the kids come out to us and if they can see us parents they can go. But this means the open playground and a climbing frame which needs to be played on (I’m fully expecting a letter from the school asking us not to let our children on there) – and try getting a child from a climbing frame when they’re feeling the freedom.

Having said that, she sounds cheerful upstairs tonight which is good. Maybe having no Home Learning this week has made all the difference. We popped into her old class and saw her old teacher, where she passed on a stone she’d decorated for her, so it was nice to have a quick chat before heading home.

But this is it – our last year here. Whatever happens next year, she’ll finish at this school. I’ve already applied for her junior school – applications opened on the 1st September, so now we just wait until April to find out. Only seven months… There’s still a lot to get done before then!