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I knew I was asking for trouble when I told H yesterday that it’d be her last night in her toddler/cot bed. Knew it.

We went to our local Dreams store on the 2nd September and tried out the beds, realised the sensible option to get what we wanted wasn’t paying £35 for delivery in store, but instead ordering online from them and paying nothing. We got a good deal too – with base and mattress coming in at £188.

All fine so far. The earliest date we could get the bed was the 9th September – we chose the day as I don’t work on Wednesdays although we do have swimming lessons.

We were told we’d get a phone call letting us know when the bed would be due to arrive, helpful because of our swimming lesson. All fine so far. I checked online and everything was still set for delivery today.

So, today. No phone call, so I called up Dreams while checking online…

Dreams Beds Order Status

Yeah. There’s been no communication from them AT ALL about this. I phoned them on their 0844 number (24p-ish a minute) to find out more and spoke to a very nice apologetic man, who confirmed that indeed, the order isn’t being delivered today.

It was 10am when I made the call, so we missed our swimming lesson. Granted, not the end of the world but we pay for them up-front, so we’ve lost some money there. It seems we’ll get a delivery on the 2nd October – in two weeks time (so another lesson missed?). The nice man promised if our bed and mattress came back in stock he’d bump us up the delivery list for a sooner date (though I have to say, taking a day off work for this does not appeal – especially as I’ve only got two days left this year, and I trust Dreams a lot less than I did 24 hours ago), so we’ll see.

Oh, and we’ve been promised some compensation, though I’m not entirely sure what.

Of course, I relayed this to Shaun and he’s found this and this. I’m sure there’s more. We were warned. This all wouldn’t be so bad if H was small – she’s so tall she barely fits in her cotbed any more.

Dreams Jemma Bed

While I’m slightly cross about the lack of contact, I understand stock control – it sounds like Dreams could use a system that actually works (you can order the same bed and mattress online right now, but from reading those two links this means nothing). Plus the man on the phone was helpful, despite the couple of pounds it cost me to wait to get through to him.

So yes, we’ll come back to this in a couple of weeks. I’ve read that Yodel (aaaarrrrgggghhhh) do deliveries, so if the order looks like it’ll happen I’m going to see if Shaun can work from home on the day… what a pain though.

Oh, and something I haven’t mentioned: Dreams have already taken full payment for the bed. Fortunately we used our credit card as from my limited experience of online ordering I thought you weren’t meant to take payment until the goods were ready to ship? At least that’s what we did at work when I ran our Mail Order department…. hmm Dreams, what’s going on there?