Dear Government,

today I read this.

Letters of Congratulation for Top Students

I will keep it short. I’m not comfortable with being judged on my income and given some class I apparently belong to because of it, because of my housing situation (we rent), and because of the things I own. Let’s get one thing straight – we’ve chosen to send our daughter to a state school – we could pay for her to go to private school but choose not to – yet if we did we’d be some upper working class poor people because of the boxes we tick – never mind what we can or can’t afford.

I am extremely uncomfortable that in the future if my child does well you’ll deem her to be from a background based on this and may send her a letter giving her a pat on the back for doing well.

I find this horribly patronising. Horribly. So if it’s all the same to you, save your money when it comes to my family, I’d much rather your pennies were spent improving my daughter’s years in school and making sure she has a good education, that’s all. Leave this to her teachers and parents, not some faceless politician who she won’t give one jot about.

Thanks for reading