Ha, she’s nothing if not cheeky. About half an hour ago I looked at H’s sticker reward chart. It’s one sticker for her having done a poo, we ask and she says she has; two stickers if she tells us before we ask; three if she goes on the potty. We’re not pushing it too much right now, just letting it all happen as it does, though probably do need to step it up a bit… but earlier today she did a two sticker special.

So we stuck two on the chart.

So going back to half an hour ago… I think we’ve had another growth spurt. All along the bottom of her sticker reward chart there’s a new sticker in each box. When I was looking away making our tea, she’s obviously got to her new Peppa Pig magazine, got the stickers and neatly put them on the chart…

She never used to be able to reach it! Damn.