World Book Day is on Thursday, and already I’m dreading it with a large sense of additional giggle.

See, it was easy at the start of the year when H had her Harry Potter costume all sorted out. Really easy. I mean, she could even wear her uniform it was so completely easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But then she read ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and because I’m a soft touch I bought her an evacuees costume. She’d make a great Lucy Pevensie. Obviously, because she’s just walking around with a costume on and nothing else, she needs accessories. Like, say, a dagger made out of an old Amazon box, right? Done. But that still doesn’t really say who she is. No, she needs one more thing to make it completely obvious who she is being.

She needs a wardrobe!

Obviously the least practical thing you can take into school, especially when you’re at the childminders that morning. But we have a box, one which is just the right size. Shaun is completely anti this box, and making it into a wardrobe. I think it will be a stroke of genius if they do a parade and she walks around holding a small wardrobe. Shaun is really not buying it.

H thinks it’s the best thing ever!

So it looks like it’s up to me to make this box good. Except I don’t have any brown paper… that’s on my shopping list for tomorrow in the hope I’ll find somewhere that sells it (we have a Post Office near home).

Oh, and we won’t mention the new blue dress that has arrived as she has a Superheroes dressing up party this weekend and has decided she’s going as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. (Shaun suggested she have a badge saying who she is as nobody will have a clue apart from possibly some parents). (I thought she’d make a better Buttercup personally). That’s going to be fun, I want to cut out a pair of enormous eyes to stick around her glasses so she looks like a proper Powerpuff Superhero. Obviously Shaun thinks this is also ridiculous…

H thinks it’s brilliant!

Think we might win this one too.

Then again she might just change her mind on the day and go as Harry Potter with Lucy’s wardrobe, saving the world before bedtime.