I’ve been tagged! Paula over at Mummy Vs Work has tagged me with the Why meme, and dammit, I’m doing it.

So, some why’s that jump into my head immediately.

Why Does the Rain?

Why Can’t I Be You?

Why-y-y-y-yyyy.. oh Sandy.

Tell Me Why

I Wonder Why


Why are people grudgeful?


I have some questions too.

Why am I always so tired?
Why do I still feel like there’s something leaking into this house making me this tired?
Why do I believe Shaun when he tells me the opposite about the weather that the weather report just told me, so I freeze and get wet?
Why has H developed selective hearing? As in, she just ignores me and Shaun, especially Shaun. (apart from now when they’re having bathtime)
Why do I never run out of things I want to buy until I have some money?
Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

Why can’t I think of anyone to tag?