Well. You have five short seasons which is a plus, but that’s kind of what lured us in. “aaah” we thought “we’ll easily catch up with the US, who knows, we might watch the finale around the same time!” we probably thought and said.

But no. We’ve been averaging around three episodes a night, two if I fall asleep. We’re towards the end of Season 4 now, heading into that final season.


We have a social life this week. Sigh. Part of me would rather be curled up in the settee with a nice glass of wine, catching up. The other part likes getting outside and socialising for a change as we hardly ever go out these days.

I think we’ve around eighteen more episodes, we’ll be done by Christmas. But heck, it’s eaten into valuable blogging time.

So in summary :

H had a brilliant parents evening which I played down massively on FB. Really pleased with her progress and we just need to encourage her more with maths, but without any kind of pressure as she’s doing well.

H had a brilliant school disco as well as a good dance at Big Fish Little Fish – she’s definitely better at going onto the dancefloor on her own, as back only as far as April she’d cling to me in tears. We’re still working on her being a good loser, but hopefully that will come.

Swimming is going brilliantly too – she’s doing most of a width underwater with crawl hands and legs – and keeps really straight. She’s still not confident in deeper water but has a good positioning within the water. She is definitely now better than me, although I can swim further.

Half term is this Friday. It can’t come soon enough. We’re all shattered, ready to stop for a week. Being us we never stop, we just do other things instead, but still. A week of good things are planned.

We have not yet put the heating on at home. It has been really mild, but my target of having it on by November is likely to happen, same as last year. This does mean we’ll probably turn it off again in May though.

She has broken her Hello Kitty glasses. They broke at the hinge, and we’ve reordered a pair like her black ones she first had, as they lasted well. Let’s see how we go…