Every Tuesday H has football classes with the Crystal Palace Academy – she has done it for a couple of terms now, and indeed did Little Kickers classes when she was at nursery – she’s no stranger to the beautiful game.

Things were progressing well, but the teamwork part wasn’t quite gelling until about three weeks ago. Cue a large football tournament on TV and H asking a bazillion questions, mainly being preoccupied with who is in defence.

In the last two weeks at football they know who is on their team. She runs back to help defend the goal and she’s running forward trying to score (to be fair, this week it was three-a-side). Watching football on tv has helped her understand the idea of being part of a team – it isn’t about scoring goals (though that’s nice) – it’s about working together.

Watching how her group has grown in the last few weeks, it’s lovely to watch. Where she’d sometimes get cross about not scoring, she’s happy to have played a part in setting up a goal. She’s looking out for her team mates and passing the ball to them. All the stuff which didn’t quite happen before.

I love it!

Also, I highly recommend the Crystal Palace Foundation classes – they’re priced at £4 a lesson and last for an hour. Last term all the kids got a medal and certificate for mastering skills – it’s the little stuff which keeps them going! (a bit like swimming badges!)