Having had awful cramps in the night on Thursday/Friday I was desperate to get out of the house today – feeling loads better and a bit more ‘normal’, we still had things to do. H’s room has been slowly transformed over the last week, there’ll be a full update on Mum Friendly in due course (or more like when I actually have some time at home) but right now her room has storage and space which in turn means we may well get some space after re-dumping her toys back in her room.

The downside of this was realising that the front bedroom she temporarily slept in is actually a better room for her, and that she’ll probably end up moving in there in the coming months. Uuh.

So, her bed was moved back in, Shaun worked out where everything should go, and I did as much covering of her shelves as my back would allow before it was time to get dressed and ready for our local carnival.

We’ve lived in Carshalton/Wallington since 2007 – which is mad to see written down… six years now. Every year we go to the Carshalton Carnival or watch the parade (which comes past our house) – and I’ve always been impressed. These days H could become a Carshalton Cheerleader from September, so a lot of today was watching their routines (they’re amazing – the amount of trust you have to have in the other girls you’re working with is incredible – you need to know they’ll be there to catch you as you’re being thrown up into the air) – this is a photo I took back in 2007, so you get the idea

Carshalton Cheerleaders


Talk about brave. Amazing. H seems keen “as long as they don’t throw me in the air” – I told her that won’t happen for a while so she’ll be okay. She still seems keen… this is a good thing.

So we wandered around the carnival, bought things, tried things, talked to people – the Club Secretary from Carshalton Athletic gave me two complimentary tickets for an adult and child for a game next season (which is amazing! We’ve always wanted to go!) – how good?

H got to go on every ride she could (or that we could afford) and won a mermaid (tacky, but good). I love the carnival, though yet as I get to know more people here we still didn’t bump into anyone we knew – though I know this will change from September, I’m sure.

The Cheerleading seed has been sown, maybe in ten years time this will be H…. and as I said to my friend Eileen, I’m dying to wear one of the t-shirts… oh yes.