On Friday the Gro Clock finally arrived – H generally sleeps well once she’s settled, though has been getting up at 5am and earlier recently – we’ve all been full of cold, so it’s been something you kind of expect, but hope wont happen. However, I get that nagging feeling that a few poorly 5am wakes also translate into a few 5am when-we’re-okay-again ones, so I started to look into a clock which would tell H it’s time to get up (so we don’t have to).

She’s had a Fisher Price learning clock for a year now, and has a clock in her bedroom so as far as learning how to tell the time goes I’m not too worried, so we opted for the Gro Clock (we love the Gro Company and have way too many (if that was possible) of their things). It has a nighttime face (blue with stars on) and a daytime (yellow with the sun on) and a digital clock (so you know what time it is too… and they’ll learn it as time progresses).

I’m a great believer in working out things without the instructions, but this one foiled me – thankfully once I’d read them it was fairly easy, and while reviewing it after two nights is probably not the best of ideas (a lot can change…), its so far, so good!

She’s still got out of bed a couple of times, though has announced she wants to go back as “the stars are on my clock” – this morning when the sun came up she was SO excited to wake up and see it – and told me off for trying to sleep a bit longer. (hm.)

The story book is just the right length – not too long and gets the message across – and she’s been asking for it as her last story every night (even when the light is off…) – so without tempting fate here, I’d love to think it’s doing what it should do. H is only two and five months, so still quite young, but she grasps what it’s about (we’re obviously doing something right!) – I’d definitely recommend if anyone has a child who loves to get out of bed way before they should. I’ll come back to this in a week though, once we’re all well and no longer sniffly.

Amazon have it for £20ish at the moment – we ordered it and it arrived within two days (on the free Super Saving shipping option). Bargain!

(this is not a sponsored post in any way, it’s a slightly sleep deprived “I think we might have cracked it” one)