The Lego Movie taught me a bit about myself. We saw the Lego Batman Movie on Saturday and one scene really hit me and has got me thinking.

Batman calls in to Superman’s place, and finds Superman is having a party. Superman grins and bluffs why Batman is there, in one of those “oh, you can’t have got my email” sort of ways.

Then he says “SELFIE TIME!” and asks Batman to take the picture… of everyone except him.

Nobody is that interested in hanging out with Batman, and he’s left on the sidelines wondering why he’s there.

That has happened to me. Not quite as thoughtlessly but it has nonetheless and on many occasions. It hit a nerve. Yeah, it’s only an animated character in a movie but still…

I’ve been the one when they say “group photo!” is left in the background, there hasn’t been a “come on over Jo” type calling – the others just got on with it. When your confidence is pretty low, that’s around the point it’s getting trampled on.

I’ve had times when I’ve been chatting to someone at a party, and someone else joins the conversation. Except they stand in front of me, with their back facing to me, and start a conversation with the person I was chatting with. This has happened on several occasions and by several people.

It’s pretty clear I’m pretty insignificant to those people, and that’s fine. Well, it’s not fine, it’s rude, but I’m not losing sleep about it, just thinking about it.

I should look at this in a ‘What would Lego Batman do?” way. Actually, he kind of did what I did. Went along with it and got home feeling a bit down about it all.

But see, Lego Batman isolated himself from others and declared he didn’t need anyone else around him (apart from his loyal Alfred Pennyworth of course), and I’d like to think I’m a bit more outgoing than that.

Why do Lego Movies always make me bloody well overthink?

My worry is how this passes on to H. She had a couple of times in the last year where her best friends have told her she isn’t invited to something, or she isn’t allowed to go. I have no idea how she’s dealt with it, she seems fine. Maybe she didn’t want to go anyway… then again seven year olds are a bit more resilient. The last thing I want her to see is her mum being a doormat too. If there’s one person in this world that my daughter looks up to, it’s me. (she looks up to Shaun too, obviously)

So what would Lego Batman do?

I don’t have a bloody clue. Fortunately it isn’t something that needs to be resolved.

I’m looking forward to what The Lego Movie 2 makes me think about. Sighhh.