last night I went to sleep around 9.30.

I woke H up around 2am for a feed and a change (this works much better than her waking you up, as she’s still asleep, so doesn’t scream), put her back down, and then remained asleep until around 8.30 or something.

Granted, Shaun took the 5am shift, but god, I feel much more human right now, again. Plus she calmed down and didn’t scream the entire night.

On the Health Visitors advice, we switched her one formula to an ‘easy digest’ version, in case she was a little bit lactose intolerant – and it does seem to have done some good.

Roll on Sunday, then we can give her gripe water – hopefully the days of pain and wailing will soon be bearable, rather than just painful… (btw, the infacol does help, although not when she’s actually in pain)