H finished her first week of settling into the preschool room at nursery – and she’s loved it. She’s been more than ready for a while, though the kids have moved up slowly so it’s only now she’s getting ready to make the move.

We’ve lucked out too – she’ll have two PE lessons a week – on Monday and Thursday, as well as her football classes with Little Kickers on a Tuesday, and Dance Kids on a Thursday morning. If all that doesn’t tire her out I don’t know what will…

Oh and the coolest thing yet – she got a little purple library bag. Her new room has a library and they’re encouraged to take books out – and there’s a great selection in there. H was especially pleased as they have Topsy & Tim Meet The Firefighters which she hasn’t read yet – I was pleased as we can give them back!

We got a little book to make notes about each book, or draw a picture or write something about the book which I thought was a nice touch too. Ahh it’s all starting to feel that bit more grown up, and I know she’ll love her new responsibilities.