Oh the name probably sounds wrong, most things I create have a wrong sounding name, but that’s just it. I never quite get it right, so I make do with what I’ve created. (H excepted)

This is a linky which is for anyone who likes to keep things from the past, your own personal junk, ephemera, be it postcards, posters, limited edition records which have a number on them that are special to you and you only (even if the record is rubbish), badges, stickers, transfers, anything. Nothing is out of bounds right now (but I guess we’ll know as things progress).

So the linky is up now, I just need a badge. Hmph. Guess I’d better make one, right. It’s open for a month. I’m slow, I can’t do weekly ones, besides, you all need time to get your dusty old boxes down from the loft.