Yep, those of you who know me, you read that right. Plural. Three of those bags are MiaTui ones, and one a Leather Satchel Co – and I should explain why I have so many. It’s generally because what’s inside varies from bag to bag, though there’s a few bits which I can put in each bag as I’m so well organised – honestly. So without further ado, let me take you into my world of bags… Mia Tui Amelie This one is huge. I use it every week for H’s swimming lessons – I can carry her towel and library books as well as her change of clothes while she’s having her lesson so it’s the ideal size. So what does it currently have inside? Several blue shoe covers from the swimming pool – so I don’t have to take off my shoes and trail in muck. Now why I don’t just wear shoes I can slip off I don’t know… but I don’t. Also, every week I almost always split the covers when I take them off, and they end up making a little collection inside the bag until I get around to sorting it out. This bag lives at the bottom of the stairs and has the zip bag for her wet things inside, so I can transfer her costume and towel home without getting everything else inside too wet. Also inside are various receipts from the library, a pack of tissues, a Ray Ban canvas bag from a PeerIndex Peerperk (in case I do some shopping and need an extra bag) and a carrier bag (in case her towel gets really wet). There’s also plasters, wipes, snacks, business cards, library books, a bottle of water and her swimming hats and goggles. Once her costume and towel are dry it goes straight back in there, ready for the following week. Total value – not a lot actually – the bag is easily the most expensive! Everything else is easily replaceable. Phew. Mia Tui Lottie I also tend to use my smaller Lottie MiaTui bag for purse, keys and important stuff – as more often than not I’ll be trying to find H’s swim card to get to the changing rooms in a mad rush at the end of her lesson; you have to scan your barcode in and I can never find her card. I also use this bag as it’s so little and holds the essentials – last night it was the perfect size for the gig we went to. So inside there is…. My MiaTui purse (see a theme here?), keys, Shaun’s wallet, my sunglasses, tissues, the ticket and my table pass for last night, earplugs, old travelcards. Yes, old travelcards – I decided to sort out my Oystercard holder while I was in the pub. Sensible. Total value – the gig tickets could never be replaced, but I’ve been so if I was to lose it I wouldn’t be too sad. The keys an inconvenience, same with my purse and Shaun’s wallet. The sunglasses were £3 from Dorothy Perkins, so I’d just be sad I’d lost them rather than having to replace. The bag I got in a deal, and is replaceable. However… Mia Tui Sofia There’s those times when the big bag is too much and the little bag is too little. Enter the middle Mia Tui bag – Sofia. It’s bigger and is more of a handbag, handy for carrying things around when we’re out for the day, or I need to take the iPad with me. Currently living in this bag are things from the last time I used it… Which seems to be from when we went to Painshill Park last weekend – so that’s a leaflet about The Grotto, a change of clothes for H (which are all probably too small now), a pack of chewing gum, more tissues, my glasses (AH! that’s where I put them…), a Castle Drogo notepad, and a Dodo Pad diary for 2013. There are also two Cross Pens in there – my gorgeous Disney one (in the cover) and the one I got at BlogCamp in the notepad. There is also a small nail clipper although I’ve been told it’s bad form to clip your nails in public (but they always split!), so I have them for emergencies. So, the value – it’s slowly creeping up. The Cross Disney pen sells for around £50ish, the other pen around £25 – so there’s a lot of pen there. My glasses were a bargain at £25 and everything else is replaceable. Finally… Leather Satchel Co Purple Satchel It’s not a handbag, but it’s the one I use the most – my gorgeous purple Leather Satchel Co satchel – which holds my work laptop, my iPod Touch, my toiletries, and on a work day also my wallet and glasses. In the front pocket is my Kindle. It’s heavy, but not too heavy. My laptop is carried safely, and it’s sturdy and well made too. I love my satchel! The total value of this one – well, a laptop doesn’t come cheap does it? Nor an iPod Touch… or a Kindle. I am probably walking around with about a grands-worth of goods in there. Scary. The satchel was around £80 too… So yes, one week, four bags. I don’t make it easy do I?

This is my entry for the MoneySupermarket ‘What’s In Your Handbag?‘ competition