I’m going to officially class this as H’s first gig. At the tender age of two and three-quarters she’s going to come to Hammersmith Apollo with a friend and me and friends’ mum, and we’re going to see The Wiggles. (as an aside, mine was in 1983 when I was thirteen and was Duran Duran)

I thought everyone loved The Wiggles… but I’ve been frantically googling for an idea of the songs they’ll perform so H knows them all (yes, yes, cutting it fine) and nobody seems to be reviewing the shows?! Anywhere. Try it – if you put in Wiggles 2012 Tour Reviews and any combination of those words you get more results for Mariah Carey than anyone else. Crazy. Or am I looking at this with my veteran gig-going eyes which would make sure I knew as much as possible about a show before I went?

Kylie the Pink Wiggle

Kylie the Pink Wiggle with Sam the not Yellow Wiggle any more

I’m hoping it’s also realistic that the only Pink Wiggle Kylie will make an appearance in London. It’s not much to ask, is it? I mean, it could be possible.

Saturday is going to be busy… can’t wait!

The New Wiggles

The New Wiggles, a bit like The New Seekers for kids. Or Not. But not the ones we're seeing on Saturday.