It’s been a week of ups and downs.

Met with my NCT mums on Monday, and H was quite withdrawn, off her food, and just not as sociable as she can be – she was happier cuddling me on my knee. She still wanted to steal my food, mind. That night was possibly the worst night we’ve ever had – worse than when she was a newborn. I calculated we had 10 wakeups through the night that night – literally every hour, and sometimes every half hour. It was awful.

On the plus side, I did the majority of getting up, with Shaun getting up with her at 6am, giving me an hour and a half lie in, my sister then taking over for another 30 minutes. God, I needed it.

Fortunately on Tuesday we had just the one wakeup.

Last night? Three.

Oh it’s all so random. STILL no teeth, though I’m convinced everything right now is teething related. She’s also developed a bit of a cough, poor thing. I’m not sure where from. I’m hoping this is also teething related, though I can’t think of a reason why. She’s not having the greatest of times, anyway. She’s back eating again though, after the blip.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so desperate for something to happen as I am for her teeth to appear. I’m hoping it’ll be like waving a magic wand over her, and things will get better again. Not that they’re bad, they’re just not *as* good.

Now the countdown back to work is on, and whereas before it felt like I had all the time in the world, it now feels like I’m running out of time. Get me, and I’ve still got 4-5 months left at home too. Doom and gloom…