What you’ve never done before will always feel daunting, even if it’s something as easy as making tea, giving milk, reading stories, having bath, washing hair, drying hair, getting child ready for bed, settling her.

Actually, today was easy. All day I’ve told H she needs to help me and be good, we had loads of fun, a lazy day, and she was still tired by bedtime – and asleep within five minutes of me settling her (at 7.30! 30 minutes earlier than usual!!). It’s been a GREAT day.

I’m not sure what I was fearful of. Maybe other friends experiences or something? I don’t know. Anyway, it was all good.

We’ve had huge laughs today with Boris The Mouse (who will be reviewed when I get around to editing the videos), as well as watching some kids programmes on S4C (because they’re dubbed in Welsh – but we finally got to watch Cyw the chicken properly, as she has a Cyw t-shirt and Peppa who is just Peppa and not Peppa Pig) and a good swimming lesson. Heck, I even had a bath after her.

I might even try for an early night… blimey.