Eight weeks, as of tomorrow. Every now and then I count my previous dates, and try and remember how I was feeling back then, but I can’t remember much, other than the blood, and the eventual pain. They say the pain is similar to that of giving birth, so bloody hell, it’s painful. Right now though, it’s just cramps, and alas, a little blood. But a little is normal, they say. Nonetheless, yesterday when it happened (it’s a tiny amount per day, not like last time) it was a bit redder than before. So I had to tell my boss, and I decided to take today off as a lying-on-the-settee day, which I’ll also do all weekend (with maybe a short drive to Banstead), in the hope that it’ll stop whatever is making it happen. If the inevitable happens, then so be it. But if things progress in a good way, I’m very much ready for that too.

But yes, this time last time I didn’t suspect a thing, right now I feel the same as normal (although my stomach has expanded, there’s now probably only two pairs of jeans I can comfortably wear, which is mildly irritating), so I’m just closing my eyes and resting and focusing on the little bean. I could have gone to the hospital today, but I suspect they’d have told me the same.

Anyway, here’s to a restful today, and a nice weekend.