day one proper of being at home alone with baby is going remarkably well. I’m calm, I slept well last night, she slept well, daddy slept well, the world is a place we can all deal with.

Went for a walk earlier, to get the Vitamin K prescription for a second time, and amazingly, despite aiming to leave the house at 11.30, we lost that extra half hour, and it was closer to midday – which is fine, but I’ve found it’s always the way. If you have to be somewhere for a certain time, you give an extra 30 minutes, because when they existed before now, they no longer do. It’s odd, there’s no logical explanation where they go, they just do. I’ve accepted this, so you’d think with my slightly overorganised self I’d just start getting ready 30 minutes earlier, wouldn’t you?

She’s also starting to grow into her 0-3 clothes!!

(squeals!) “Baby is growing up!!!!!!!!”