Shaun picked up H from nursery today, and they waited at the station for me. H announced “I need medicine” when I got into the car, and my poor baby was watery eyed and tired and wasn’t her usual self, definitely coming down with a cold. I’m resigned to being at home with her tomorrow feeling slightly resentful for using a days holiday.

We had a coughpuke this evening too – she was coughing so hard, and I don’t think she’s actually sick – right now she’s off into the land of nod at her usual time smothered in menthol-y stuff, so I’m hoping we’re back on track. Whatever happens tonight she’s just got to stay asleep… Shaun has his last (hopefully ever) exam tomorrow and last night we had a 2am wakeup (with her throwing herself onto the floor when she refused to go back to bed, THAT was fun…) and a 5.30 getting into bed with us (I make a great pillow, unfortunately I get zero sleep once I become a pillow) – so I’m hoping we’re not on for a repeat. I’m willing to sacrifice my precious sleep in the hope that he’ll never have to study for an exam ever ever again. Ever.

Having said that, she shouted me upstairs for a cuddle just before, and announced she feels much better now and would like to go to nursery tomorrow, so hopefully it’s a passing thing or just the start of a snotty cold. I’ll know when I see her in the morning. That’ll be 6.30 in the morning, I hope…

I do feel a bit heartless sending her to nursery if there’s any chance she’s not right – though if there was any real doubt then she’ll definitely be off. It’s 50-50 at the moment.