This lunchtime H took it upon herself to bite the table. She leant forward, got her plate in her mouth, and some of the tablecloth, and the table – and she bit (while telling me “I’m BITING THE TABLE!!!” a bit excitedly)

Our lovely (cheap) tablecloth now has a hole in it – a hole H is completely obsessed with. We’ve had to take to spelling conversations to each other at the table when we don’t want her to work out what we’re saying – so after spelling all that out to Shaun, about two minutes later H told us all about the hole, how she was naughty and how the hole had “gone to sleep”. For the next twenty minutes, on repeat.

Tonight I turned the table round so the hole is on my side… let’s hope this one disappears, never to be repeated. I’ve no idea what on earth happened to make her do that!

This afternoon I took a short walk to a friends house and we all ventured out to the park when the weather had improved. It was too cute – three toddlers, two babies, one buggy – and the toddlers all walking really well to the park – holding hands and then running crazy wild when we reached the park, like they’d never had freedom like it.

It’s a chaotic life having a two year old, but it’s a good chaos. She’s forever reminding anyone and everyone “I’m two” – just in case we dared forget. When there’s three toddlers and two babies… well, I don’t know how my friends do it, I really don’t (and I admire them massively for being able to do it as well) – tell you what though, having just the one tires me out.