So, the word is out. The BritMums Back2Best WeightWatchers Challenge has started, and I was one of the lucky applicants.

I got my login last night and tried to remember most of what I’d eaten in the day – and was a little bit more careful today and logged everything as I ate it.

Both days I went over my daily allowance… and now I’m sitting here feeling hungry! I can’t wait to get looking at the recipes, and sorting out our whole diet as a family – we don’t eat badly, I think we just don’t eat as well as we could.

So one points saver would be to choose French Fries over Snack A Jacks – but there’s only one point in it, which I find quite interesting.

I’m quite sure the gluten free sandwich I had at lunch is actually more points than I thought – though my big points today were Sainsburys Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders – I had one and a half. I didn’t eat H’s leftovers (always the one you hear mums talking about when they put on weight) and I need to streamline what I eat a bit more. More bananas, maybe….

The app is really handy, though I can’t find a way to add foods on it, but that’ll come in time I’m sure. Right now I feel like there’s a mountain to climb and it’ll be fine.

Anyway, this is also a pre-warning I may bore you all to death talking about foods and diets until I get my head around it.

That and I’ve just realised an entire Pizza Hut Pizza is 40 points but if you go to Pizza Express it’s over 100?! That can’t be right… I mean I know pizza’s aren’t that good to eat, but that much? Whimper.