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If anyone had told me how much of a dream it is working alongside H I’d never have believed it.

She’s loving the novelty of working in her own time at home. She’s massively unsupervised but just gets on with it. We’ve set her strict guidelines of getting her maths and english done before anything else, and we’ve signed her up for free guitar lessons with Fender. She has stolen my old electric guitar and is happily entertaining herself while my general workload increases by a bazillion times and I’m working longer hours.

I’m loving that I get regular shoulder rubs from her at various intervals in the day.

“You look stressed mummy” she’ll tell me, and I’ll reply that I’m fine, but I’ll still get hugs and stuff. Earlier she greeted me with “Congratulations, you’ve just won a hug!”

I think going back into an office environment is going to be very strange.

I also know I’m really lucky for having the job I do and it being so busy.

I am also quite bored of seeing my face and hearing my voice on a video screen.

Whereas H is loving creating music, has her laptop in her room working through lots of things on there, and she seems to have discovered a new creative outlet. It’s great!

I look forward to wine and the weekend.

So yeah, week two, it’s going well.