So we had our little routine going which was working really well, until schools broke up and Easter decided to happen. The best plans crumbled away.

We’re lucky, we’re very very lucky. We have a decent sized back garden and toys and things that can live in the garden. A lot of people don’t have that – and we’re forever grateful with what we have.


Not seeing people, not talking to people and not having that additional contact with people is turning me into a weird person. I chat for too long in supermarkets with the cashiers (where possible) because I haven’t chatted like that for four weeks. Yet if I get a phone call I have nothing to say, because nothing has happened.

I can happily chat to a cashier about other people and say how weird the supermarket feels (two trips done so far) and we’re in agreement, chatting random things about this whole situation.

But I have nothing to say. But maybe they’re enjoying that not-a-conversation too.

H just looks on thinking I talk too much, I just crave more conversation.

Then H crumbled. She’s scared, this is weird, she can’t see her friends (although right now I can hear her on Google Duo chatting with one of her future schoolfriends she goes to Guides with so it’s not all bad). Hormone-central.

Every now and then she’ll need me for a cuddle and reassurance. We all need that, don’t we. Reassurance.

We’ve all got each other, and we’ve got to make do with that.

I’ve got my workmates I can chat with in instant messenger. I do miss speaking though.

That’s what I really miss.