Disclaimer – yesterday was so dull I took no photos at all (I forgot). To even up the numbers I’ve put in two for today. Sorry.

sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday saturday1 saturday

Sunday – we went to Standen near East Grinstead for a walk around, and had to take Teddy Playgroup with us. This was also the last day of us entertaining him. I think we did okay. I love living here as we have so many National Trust places so close by.

Monday – I called in sick to work today, a bad night for more than one of us. So Monday isn’t that interesting really.

Tuesday – We’ve started having no TV nights and playing some music instead. Given I work in music and have a pile of CDs which could be played constantly all year and you wouldn’t need to repeat them, it’s quite a task. For far too often we put on the tv for the sake of it. So we use the internet and read books. Bet you can’t guess who does which…

Wednesday – my day off and Jos came to visit too. We walked to swimming again – I love walking through the park to get there – I love Carshalton Ponds. You feel a million miles from London and it’s great.

Thursday – I got some good post today. I haven’t got the finished book yet, but that’ll arrive soon hopefully… I do like my wine.

Friday. Yes, nothing. Sorry. This probably sums up yesterday a lot.

Saturday – H got her second ever haircut, so have a before and after shot instead.

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