meant a swim day, we’d talked about it for so long, but not actually done much about it – or one of us had been ill. I’ve done a swimming session once or twice without Shaun, but this was our family time. ¬£4 each though. God. We got a grand total of around… ooooh… 40 minutes. Thankfully that ended up being long enough, as Miss H’s bottom jaw started to quiver and shiver, so we got her out of the pool quick. She loved it though, and is finally starting to kick her legs a bit, and wave her arms around.

I felt immediately regretful, as I never did take her for swimming lessons. I’m such a coward. I wish wish wish I could do things on my own, but I couldn’t, and as I couldn’t find anyone, didn’t do it. Same goes for Sing & Sign, I wish I’d done that too. Now the only days they run it around here are the days I’m at work. I’ve had this last year, and probably could have found some time for it. Somewhere. Arse.

Of course, then I got to the pool and the younger kids there all had those Mothercare floats, which made me immediately think I was doing badly by H, by not having one, and just relying on us holding her in the water. God, mother’s guilt, leave me be! She was absolutely fine, and only stuck her face in the water around five times, which was again quite funny, poor thing – she’s not quite grasped that bit yet…

Actually, mother’s guilt is one of the worst things about being a mum. So many other mums have opinions of what is right or wrong, and will let you know – which is fine, as I’m sure I do the same. But then you take in what they say and think “oh my god, I’m doing it wrong…” which in most cases just isn’t the case, not one bit. Everything I’ve done with H, I’ve done as it feels right, and so far I’d like to think it’s worked out. We followed Sears & Sears ‘The Baby Sleep Book’ fairly loosely, let her find her patterns, and just as I was starting to worry about when she’d drop a sleep, and she just did.. like that. Or even Baby Led Weaning – other mum friends would worry their baby would choke, and in the back of my head I’d be thinking “but what if they’re right?” while still going on with what we started (and it’s been the best thing ever, doing it), she’s choked once, but it didn’t bother her one bit. We sat terrified at the table, while she continued like nothing had happened. (and we sound so blas√© about it when we talk about it now)

Anyway, I’m happy with how it’s all going. More wine? You bet.