Well, whereas the first week at nursery went pretty well, the second one was very up and down. She cried her little heart out at mummy leaving her, distraught, and inconsolable. Well, until she fell asleep, anyway.

So we booked in a third session, today, as Joseph has now started, so that means one of her friends is there. So far, so good. Although looking at the clock, I’ve just over an hour to go and then I’ve got to pick her up. God, time flies.

We had the scream, the look of betrayal “mummy, you used to stay here” and the scream again, but I walked. I feel a bit rotten, but it’s all about her learning I come back. This is also not helped as she didn’t sleep too well last night (me neither…) but did get a nap in this morning (I didn’t).

Anyway, for my last hour of peace, bathtime beckons. Nursery is full time from tomorrow. Then what will we do?

Oh, quick edit too – she got her first pair of shoes yesterday, she’s a size 3G. Got a photo and a card confirming this. Very very cute.