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We’ve had two nights of decent sleep – of course, I’m cursing this by typing this, but touch wood, we’re over whatever it was. H has a cold – nursery cold – so we didn’t go swimming today. I believe it’s half term next week too, so I’m guessing there’ll be no class then either.

Yesterday I made a crazy decision to head to Olympia (as it’s step free most of the way) via train to check out The Baby Show for Traders – mainly as I’m nosey, and to meet some people I’d chatted with online. I did feel a bit silly walking around with my job title as ‘Webmama’ but I kind of liked it too. I’ll go into more depth on who I saw and what I saw later on today over at Mum Friendly, but oh, it was nice. Not many people there, but enough you could chat to traders and find out what was going on and coming up. We were in a rush so didn’t stop for very long, and everything was much easier to see than the regular Baby Shows there. There was a slightly embarrassing bit where I was offered a massage, then 10 minutes in was told it was meant to be charged.. they’d forgotten to tell me. Unfortunately I only had £2 in my purse… I know it’s not my fault, and ooh, it was lovely, but I avoided that area for the rest of the time we were there!! It was excellent to see part of my review for the BundleBean on their display!!

I now want to spend all my money on lots of nice new things… sighh.

One top tip we got, which I’d forgotten about, is to rub a vicks-style rub on your toddlers feet at night – if they wont settle and are coughing. Voila – cough gone. It worked with H too, although she woke around 2am (also not helped, a white van outside with it’s engine on for at least an hour, something dodgy there), but I just rubbed more and she went back to sleep.

She’s now just got a rash on her chest, though the doc reckons it’s fungal with dry skin, so hopefully that’ll pass soon. The rash started around one nipple area – nursery spotted it first, and we’d been treating it with E45 type creams to keep it calm, which seemed to work until she was itching it last night. Hopefully something a bit stronger will help.

So we had some Wednesday mishaps. Another milestone achieved, as we left Asda (after buying her winter coat for a bargain £16) and I’d put her back into the car, she leant forwards and opened the passenger door. Fortunately I wasn’t driving, so the child lock was activated…

We got back, and I put out some washing on the line, heard her doing something, but wasn’t entirely sure what.. but the house smelt of lavender. I thought nothing of it… until I came back in – she’d got all the lavender I’d got from our garden, spilt it all over the floor…. our room smelt lovely, but oh god, it was everywhere… on the chairs, on her toys… it’s now all in the vacuum cleaner.. which is sad as I wanted to use it for baking. Still, the room smells good.