H saw the Minster. I told her “this is York Minster” – and as ever, asked her to repeat back what I’d said to her. With a huge smile on her face she said “It’s MY Minster!”

(for the record, she does know York exists)

We met with family, H met cousins, second cousins, my cousins (first cousins once removed? twice removed?), great Aunts, Nannas, Aunties, Uncles, old schoolfriends (of mine), and many more people – and she loved it. Yesterday she was taken under Phoebe and Grace’s wings, her second cousins, and was left playing upstairs with an old fort that my dad played with when he was a boy. They all used my dads old soldiers he painted when he had his business, and she knew they belonged to Grandad Mike once upon a time which was a very good thing.

We stayed at a friends B&B – and it’s worth a mention on it’s own, it was great! Pinfold Cottage is the name, right by the factory outlet – I went to school with Nicky, so we’ve known each other years (and years, and years) now – the cottage had loads of space and was warm and cosy – plus it was the first time ever Shaun, H and I had travelled somewhere and stayed somewhere where we paid – rather than relatives places. They do ginormous breakfasts which are all included in the price, and money permitting I’d love to stay there again next time we’re back.

We did loads, and got everything done we’d intended to – there was even time for a quick shop at McArthur Glen, the shopping centre built over the hospital I was born… not that I got much for me, mind.

Anyway, McArthur Glen had those excellent shopping trolleys converted into vehicles, so it kept H amused for an hour which is always good. Have some York.