and now we’re back. We did a cheap break with The Sun (oh the shame) which meant I had to buy it several days in a row to get the tokens, and then found out on the last day we were there you can get deals that work out the same (I’ll save myself some pennies next year then) – as we had to fork out an extra £100 on top of the £40. I’m not complaining though – it was lovely, it was our first ever break away as a family and we were all sad (but tired) it ends today.

At some point I’ll write it up, I have no bad things to say, I don’t think? Everything was great, and stress-free.

Actually, one bad thing. Going on holiday with a dry cough and forgetting you even possess (or that it even exists) Covonia Tickly Cough Throat Spray until you’re coming home is a foolish move and means you wont get a lot of sleep. Next time I go away I’m making lists of important things like that.