Sat in rows in the hall, on child-sized benches my stomach hurt, partly through seven hours of no food but also nerves, the reality of it all. We were there. We sat with friends, knowing we’re all together for the next few years, yet I recognised a few other people there which was reassuring.

The headteacher is lovely. Really reassuring. Things feel positive and good and we already knew a lot of things (she knows all the children’s names and makes a point of knowing them), we met H’s teacher (she’s also lovely) and in my nervous state I talked too much and didn’t ask the right questions. That’s me, not them though. They made me feel less nervous about it all and had a lot of patience – surely sometimes us parents are worse than the children?

The talks we had were interesting, about how children learn and tailoring the curriculum to their style of learning which is reassuring. H is very much a things-in-their-place kind of girl.

We went into H’s future classroom, and as a friend pointed out, the other rooms seemed tidier but I liked the chaos in there – it was like a room that was lived in rather than tidied up for visitors – it felt like my kind of place.

Seeing the words ‘finger spaces’ brought back memories of learning to write. Some things never change.

I talk and I think I’m like my dad. I talk like they want to know about me when they don’t really as they’ve lots to take in. I need to fix this so they ask questions instead. I need to listen more.

Next Thursday can’t come quick enough – I’m dying to take H into her school. Things are going to be good, I’ll still be nervous (as that’s just how I am) but things will be fine. Roll on September.