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Okay, so I like to make sure we stay busy, I’ve no idea why – I just do. But now things around the house are neglected and need some attention and love. I’ve decided this afternoon we’re going to revisit and make things and tidy up and know where things are and where they belong. A proper organising and doing kind of day.

The main thing is to get this World Book Day sorted once and for all – I have some white felt, so Miffy it is unless it goes disastrously wrong (which actually, it probably will).

We’re going to properly revisit the Justin Fletcher album and dance around the living room to it – H is a different girl to the one before Christmas – she sings and dances to most things these days, and needs no excuse to join in – then get a revised review up here and on Mum Friendly.

We’re going to get the easel out and do some painting. The Ok Go song about the three primary colours has been a fun way for H to understand colours making other ones, so I fully intend to do some of that too – though we might have to pop to the pound shop for brushes beforehand…

Warning, this may well end up being the first Ok Go song you remember aside from the video. Damn earworm.

I just received a lovely bundle of books from Harper Collins which look perfect for H to read – and we’ll definitely be doing reviews of these as we work our way through – I’m particularly excited about starting The Lorax with H – which comes with a CD read by Rik Mayall! YES! Another my-childhood crashing with H’s moment – fantastic.