Yesterday we decided to visit Claremont Landscape Garden in Esher. We headed towards the A3 which involves driving through Epsom. We also forgot it was Derby Day at Epsom Racecourse.

We got to the main junction where you’d turn for Epsom when all of a sudden a Policeman on a motorbike pulled up in front of us blowing a whistle.

How quaint!

Fortunately at this point the lights were on red anyway so it didn’t matter, but I did wonder what on earth was going on; remember, we’d forgotten it was Derby Day.

Then a police convoy drove past. The penny still hadn’t dropped. I thought it must be some important person but why were they… oh.

A black car without a number plate drove past. A big shiny special black car. Following close behind was a Royal minibus. I know this because it said something Royal on the side. I don’t remember what though.


It was The Queen.

Shaun said “grrrrr, grump grump, why can’t The Queen do red lights like everyone else, grump grump” in his slightly Australian anti-monarchy kind of way.
I said “oooooh did you see H! That was The Queen!!” in my slightly excited we-used-to-get-time-off-school-for-the-Royals kind of way I do
H said “No mummy! I didn’t see! Can we follow it?” in that kind of damn, I missed it all as I was daydreaming about clouds way she does.

We didn’t follow, for obvious reasons. A further convoy was behind it. Anyway, I’m claiming that as my second ever sighting of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Even if I didn’t see her, I probably did and just hadn’t realised.

Once they’d cleared the junction the Policeman on his motorbike with a whistle promptly popped back on to get down to the Epsom Roundabout (probably).

At least we had a half-decent excuse for being late meeting my mum. Now SHE was impressed.