It was excellent, H really enjoyed it and found it interesting, and any fears we had about it being age-appropriate were wrong. It was really well presented, the lives of the eight mummies was interesting, and H hasn’t had nightmares.

I think I need to look at myself when I’m looking at these things – she found it fascinating, we all did. We popped to see the Rosetta Stone and the Cleopatra mummy too while we were there, and talked about the bodies in the Egyptian section and what little we knew about them.

I was kind of left wondering how that person would have felt, living however many thousands of years ago, and now they’re an exhibition in a museum with people working out details about their lives via CT scans. It’s kind of odd. I mean, yes, they won’t have those thoughts, but it’s still kind of oddly fascinating how someone’s previous life can be interesting to our existing lives, when the only reason they’re there could be due to them having lots of money so they were wealthy enough to be mummified.

So in a couple of thousand years when someone finds a computer, enables it to work and finds all the bazillions of blogs out there and comments on how ordinary our lives were back in 2014, I’d have to agree. Ordinary, but interesting. Maybe.