I know. It sounds shameful to think we’ve lived in this area for this long now and haven’t been members at the library, it really does. But we were. The memberships lapsed… a bit like with LoveFilm, we took books out and kept renewing them online until we found the time to take them back. Our local library wasn’t somewhere we went.


Things have changed. Westcroft Leisure Centre has re-opened this weekend, and within the complex is our brand new Carshalton Library. Even better, we’ll be doing swimming lessons there every week – so now the library is in a wonderfully convenient place – and we can bring back our books when we’re done and take up to another eight. Lordy.

Shaun has rejoined and made his first book ‘The Book of Carshalton’ as he wants to learn about something locally (I can’t remember what) and I’ll rejoin when we’re back for swimming lessons and I’ve found my card.

The Book of Carshalton

As for H, she’s got a Charlie and Lola book, two Julia Donaldson books and a Jez Alborough book. We haven’t read them all yet, but I give it up to Wednesday before she knows them off by heart.

Actually, the best bit of all was us going into the library and H turning to me and telling me to whisper “AS WE’RE IN THE LIBRARY” in a quiet whisper. Oh, and even better for me, they’ve free internet.

We had a nosey around the sports centre to get our bearings, and it’s all shiny and new. Me being the kind of person who doesn’t like change but accepts it, I’m going to wait a month or so before forming an opinion, but right now it seems pretty nice.

I am having the fear though. I bet the swimming teacher doesn’t get in the pool with the kids when us parents don’t get in with them too. Gulp. She’s three and a half for goodness sake! I was seven when I was left on my own in the water. Arrghhhh.