I have to admit, I’m the worlds worst gardener. I have no patience, I prefer to watch while drinking a nice chilled drink and relax.

However, I also recognise that H needs to know about gardening, so I took the very easy route – while in Asda shopping I came across some Garden Gang pots which were on a deal – something like two for £2. So, the pots bought, we got home and followed the very simple instructions – basically, make some holes in the soil, add the seeds, water them and leave them inside until the shoots start to show. Easy.

Garden Gang Runner Beans and Strawberry plantsExcept of course I forgot about them. It was only the other day I had a look and was greeted with this. I think the runner beans are ready… so they’ve been re-planted outside at the mercy of the local squirrels (I really hope they don’t like them). There’ll be more updates when things happen. So far the strawberries aren’t doing much. Hopefully they’re just a bit slower…