At last I’ve something to work towards, instead of feeling like I’m in limbo. February 17th, or whatever day is the Monday.

I’ve had some funny feelings this last week – not miscarriage type ones, just funny ones. Last night, laid in bed I could feel a little sort of electric shock type feeling in the area the baby would be growing. Just tiny little twinges, nothing more. Not big electric shocks – the kind you feel if you were to say, put your tongue on a battery. (not that I’m in the habit of doing that). At the weekend my right leg was getting strange cold shivers all the way down it – just the right leg too – nothing else. It lasted about a day, and hasn’t come back (though I’m convinced I had one shiver yesterday). Also! I’ve been doing little hiccups. Tiny little ones, just random one-off’s. Usually before I’ve eaten or drank anything too.

Oh, and even though Shaun wasn’t convinced, and maybe there was a little bit of leg pulling, but I’d still have smelt it, I wanted to eat macaroni cheese, crumpets, vanilla ice cream and a pickled egg. I think I’d have stopped at the egg though. At least, I hope I would. We didn’t, anyway. He didn’t believe me.

Today I’m feeling tired, really tired. Moreso than I’ve felt before. I could have easily slept for a couple of hours longer this morning. Mind, getting up to go to the loo as the bean is pressing on my bladder at around 5am is also not fun (apparently my uterus is now grapefruit sized, when normally it’s fist sized, fact fans).

Still, on the plus side, it hasn’t been that bad. I’ve not had sickness the whole time, I eat like a pig in the mornings at work, and am too full to eat a thing more in the afternoons. Nobody seems to have suspected anything, either. I even had my stomach on show yesterday (not literally, I usually have my fleece zipped right up) and felt a bit bigger, but nobody stared (like the woman in M&S). The fact I can barely do up my jeans any more (water retention, apparently, I’m ticking each box pretty much spot on, right now), and the fact the two button extension things I ordered from eBay haven’t arrived yet, are really not helping. Bah, and sigh.

My queasy drops have a fantastic ginger boiled sweet in them. You put it in your mouth and your entire mouth tingles, and the sick feeling goes away immediately. Oh it’s amazing. Unfortunately I think I’m running out of ginger ones (as I’ve just been picking those ones out). I may have to move onto the sour sweets (preggy pops) which I’ll have to be a lot more subtle about. God, roll on mid-February, that’s what I say. No more secrets.