Yesterday we spent a bit of time out and about supporting local businesses by spending money with them. We’ve not had a Farm Shop around here in ages, but fortunately one reopened a month or so ago – I say reopened, as I had no idea it was one in the first place (though suspect it was a meaty one, so having been vegetarian since about 1983 we wouldn’t have bothered) – but it was full of vegetables and fruit and actually was quite educational for H without having the kind of panic you’d have letting a toddler walk around a supermarket. Anyway, a few new fruits and vegetables names have been learnt, although I think she’s already forgotten ‘pomegranate’.

Just over the hill from there are our beautiful lavender fields – which are now just fields of lavender that’s going to grow next year, but the stall is still there and is selling Christmas goodies – H got a love heart with lavender in it, and took £5 to the lady in the shop and did it all quite well. Lady asks H “when is your birthday?” so that’s the next thing we’re teaching her… (am starting to wonder whether homeschooling really should be an option?)

After that it was our huge great big humongous garden centre which is like a garden emporium, it’s so big (it even has a Cath Kidston and Edinburgh Woolen Mill part to it). They had some real reindeer (which H was hugely unimpressed by) and plenty to look at. Even better, a cafe which fitted in with snacktime. Oh, and local scandal in that some git has stolen an elf from one of the Santa displays. H amused herself by throwing money into a bucket on the main display while a few random strangers cheered and clapped her as she got the money in the bucket – she was very proud…!

After that we finished decorating our Christmas Cake, as made to the Delia recipe (and with the ingredients in a box from Waitrose), it looks pretty splendid, and was good team work.

The photo is of H saying “I want to eat some cake nowwwwwww” and trying to grab it.