Last night was our final Hooky Knitters meet of 2012. A brief recap : the pub asked us to knit some tea cosies that look like this so they could serve their Pimm’s Winter over Christmas.
We agreed, we panicked. We eventually found a pattern and started it.
I abandoned mine when Shaun’s mum knitted a fabulous tea cosy which was much quicker and easier – posted over from Australia – and managed to turn it around in three weeks (ish).


Last night we delivered – the pub already had two tea cosies (thanks to Heather and Shaun’s mum), and we got a thankyou on their Christmas newsletter too! That was pretty ace and made us all really happy.


Sheila our amazing crochet lady knitted six of them!


I had my one, and Karen had a fabulous one as well.


Sharon is still knitting hers but the pressure is off – we delivered! I’m SO pleased!
Most of all that Karen and I delivered as we’ve both never followed a pattern before, let alone finished a project – and WE DID IT! When it first started I joked about just doing the pom pom’s, I had such little faith in my own ability. Last night we sat in the pub, three of us doing pom pom’s – and every cosy was delivered, finished!


We also got to have some Pimm’s Winter in a teapot as a thankyou… (with festive songs in the background)


I am so proud!!!


Of course, finishing the tea cosy meant I had to do something else and quick. I was sent a brilliant knitting book – Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss from LoveKnitting.com – a site I know I’ll be spending some money at. So I adapted my knowledge (I’ve been knitting for years, I’ve just never knitted as much as I have these last two years!) and made a hat for H. It took me three days!!! I’ve kind of finished it, I just need to tidy it up a bit, but it worked out really well – and H likes it too.


So going back to January, I set myself a task of learning a new knit every two months as a kind of
new years resolution – I failed on that, but by knitting a tea cosy and hat (and both being of acceptable standard),
I’m more than happy with the results!!

Looking at Love Knitting, I’m really liking this pattern… and having now knitted with two colours and not struggled I feel like I really could knit this – though it’ll be for next year, not this one!

AND! This arrived yesterday. Now I’m sorted. I’m ready for Christmas… bring it on.