I don’t remember ever being taken anywhere with my mum and dad to vote when I was little.

Maybe we all sat in the car as each parent took it in turn to do what they had to. They did always vote and we were never really tied to any one party – though my dad found a reason not to vote for most parties so only the Monster Raving Loonies were left before he died.

Fortunately I’m a bit more practical (tactical) than that and vote because I don’t want someone in over someone else.

Yesterday we voted for London Mayor, and H accompanied us both – we went before work as the school (H’s potential one) was open from 7am, and we normally leave the house by 7.20. So in we went, into her (potential) school hall, to the wrong side to then be redirected (leaving H saying “silly Mummy! Silly daddy!” at our lack of being able to read), our votes cast (H stood with me) then posted (she helped with that bit), and now I’m sat here with a glass of wine waiting for the results.

I asked H tonight what we did at the school yesterday, and she remembers “we voted!” – all good. While she’s still a good sixteen years off being able to vote herself, it’s so important she understands it has to be done.

It was still a pretty poor turnout overall though – 38.5%

Hopefully by the time her generation gets to the polling stations things will be much improved. You can’t change things if you can’t bother – that’s if you’re really bothered about things changing. Which would appear 61.5% of this borough don’t.