This afternoon at work I swapped an email with one of my NCT pals, a random one, I’m generally too busy to reply to emails at the moment and I needed a break from metadata. A couple of minutes later and she informed me she’d had the Call Of Doom. Yes, the call from nursery that her boy wasn’t well and needed picking up early.

That and apparently other children were unwell too.

I knew we’d be next.. no more than ten minutes later and I got the call, but there were no temperatures on our side, oh no. H instead decided to be violently sick. Given she’s a child who really does not want to be sick, when she has been (usually in the car) it makes her extremely sad.

(it could be said being sick makes the majority of people sad, to be fair. Show me a child who enjoys being sick)

So now we’re in the 48 hour exclusion time, no nursery tomorrow. I’m hoping we’ll get a good night and no wakeups (but who can say) and tomorrow will be a nice day, I’ve already told H we’ll be having a ‘sports day’ outside with hopscotch and snakes and ladders (worst case we can play her Ben and Holly one inside, if only someone made an indoor hopscotch carpet that would be perfect) and football in the back yard, and a generally easy day, in the hope everything will be fine again.

Bleh, though. I’m now wondering if this is related to what I had before easter (H complained of feeling dizzy this morning), and Shaun had the week before me. Maybe…