less than a week and we’ll be back home. So that’s another long flight… what will we have learnt from the flight out? I don’t know… maybe to query why the airline staff took a photo of my daughter without asking my permission, for one. (the photo in a frame looks really stupid)

Australia doesn’t seem to have oatcakes. I found a shop which had UK imported stuff in it, so paid way over the odds, which was a bit annoying, but at least we have some now for snacks (and while I’m at it, it looks like Heinz have quite the monopoly over here for snacks, it’s rare you see any other brands in supermarkets, let alone see things like rice cakes!)

Australia does have the majority of programmes from Cbeebies and ITV though, but no Mr Tumble.

Also, I swear earlier today, H picked up Shaun’s phone, held it to her ear, and said “Joseph” – awww.

That’ll do for now, anyway – we’re meeting with Tim and the tribe tomorrow in Kings Park, so H gets to play with some other children, at last. I honestly thought she’d not cope well without much contact with other children, but time has flown so quickly that actually, I can’t believe we’ve not done more with her. (not that she hasn’t played – mind)