okay, it’s weird. I don’t feel like I have any symptoms like I did last time. I remember my whole digestive system going a bit doolally at one point, where I couldn’t put more food in, because I felt so full, then minutes later I’d feel completely empty. I also didn’t feel sick.

This time I’m feeling sick (on and off without actual puking), and my system feels completely normal.

Going on past experience, you do start to wonder if that’s a good or bad thing, and maybe that was part of what led to the miscarriage. It wouldn’t be so bad, but pregnancy is completely different for everyone, so even if I wanted to truly know, the only way I would is if I had daily blood tests. I’ve run out of pregnancy tests now, but I’m sure I still am pregnant. My bazooms are certainly making themselves known, anyway.

I wish I could be sick, proper pukey sick (I realise that now I’ve said this, if I actually was, then I’d wish I wasn’t, but then at least I’d know!) and I wish I could fast forward the next 38 weeks or so. I’m already bored, wanting things to happen, start moving… you know. I want to get fatter so I know it’s growing in me, I want to know it’s there.

I also went and looked at a site to see what was going on in there, all being well, and felt completely and utterly sick. Proper stomach churning stuff. Right now the thing in my stomach looks like one of the killer eater plants in Super Mario Galaxy that I can’t remember the name of.